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Latest Update     Black College Stud Fucks White Chick


  Good Pussy Gloria Returns

full video 1hour 29minutes

Gloria came back for her third visit and requested a group of black men. Gloria really has something for black cock


  BIG WET PUSSY Reedited 

This movie is about the time this guy got my telephone number off the adult book store bathroom wall. He call and wanted to know if I would like to fuck his wife, I told him yes and I had a couple friends that would like to help out. We fucked that bitch till she pissed, squirt or whatever that shit is they do when they are cuming like hell. My friends wanted to wear rubbers and we did. Needless to say that bitch hated them. When she cam back in the movies Fist Fucking Betty we didn't, but any this movie has some very hot ass fucking. Ass fucking at it's best.


 The Best of David Pt II


  The Best of David Pt I


  Southern Belle Bitch Return Reedited Pt. I

  Southern Belle Bitch Return Reedited Pt.  II

 A real Southern Belle meets David and Jermaine. We meet this Southern Belle through an ad. She and her husband really wanted to see her take a real fucking from a white man and a black man. We hooked it up and had them come over. She wasted no time when she got there.

She demanded David's 9"X6" white dick in her mouth. While she worked David's tool with her mouth Jermaine began to open her pussy lips with his huge fingers massaging her cunt so it would open and accommodate his 9 1/2" dick.

She continued to suck David while Jermaine decided to go work on cunt with his tool. They soon switch position and she sucks Jermaine's dick and David tries to prep her perky asshole for entry. He tries to work his fingers in her hole so he soon can penetrate her dark hole with his bulging cock. He never could open it up enough to accommodate his size. The attention soon turns to a dp on her luscious pussy. She lies there while both cocks fuck her soul into a massive orgasm. She soon is to limp to move.   



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