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Latest Update   Raw Dicking the Chub


Latest Update Thick Bottom (that's good raw dickhead)

Met this guy on craigslist last, he loves to fuck raw,  he never pulls out.  After being fucked by him my asshole full of nutt and satisfied.


  Barebacking A White Dick Sucker VII

Raymond raw fuck Pastor Melvin's ass long hard and deep.


  BareBack Billie

 My friend Darryl fucks Billie until he shits, then Billie plays in his ass with toys and a beer bottle.


    Raymond Is A Dick Sucker 

In this video I did very little directing.  I set up the camera, told Alex Paul & Raymond were coming over, and they fucked the shit out of his ass.


  Internet Ass Fucker

I met this guy online he came over and fuck and nutted in my ass.


  When Raymond Fucked Clyde Reedited

Clyde stopped by to shot the shit, then Raymond came by saying his dick was hard as a brick, and he he needed to go up in some pussy or ass, Clyde said I got some good ass, Raymond fucked Clyde.   


Asian Bottom White Top

My X getting fucked loaded.


Henry Fucks Paul


The Return of Raymond (Raymond fucked my fat juicy ass)


  BareBacking A Asian Dick Sucker 

My X Boyfriend getting fuck by a big dick black stud in New Orleans.


  Tee Ball Bat


A West End Named Trick Henry

This big dick thug answered my BackPage ad, and said he would love to bend me over and  fuck the shit out of my big fat juicy ass.   I told him, I love big thug dick and I would pay him $50 if he let me film it, I also told him he could wear a mask.  He said cool.


   BareBacking a Latin Dick Sucker (ass full of piss)

Re edited full movie from DVD 61 minutes

A Latin freak from Arizona came to visit , and I whored him out to one of my nasty raw buddies, I had no idea he was going to piss up in his ass. 


   Thug Wanted A Blowjob

Let Me Use your Place


 Buck Wild In BuckHead


Jamal The Meat Eater


  Damn! What's That On My Dick?  Part I & II


Drildo 5 



Hidden Camera VIII


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