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Frank got to place early and took his Viagra. Gloria sucked frank's dick for at least 30 minutes. Then Frank fuck the shit out of Gloria busting two hot nuts in her pussy. That was one stiff dick beating down in that pussy. 

 1 hour 30 minutes long  $20.00 + shipping


Barebacking A Latin Dick Sucker

A Latin freak from Arizona came to visit , and I whored him out to one of my nasty raw buddies. 

1 hour 42 minutes long.    $20.00 + shipping



This white chick name Gloria, thought she could take anything and refuse to lose. She sucked and fuck like it was her profession. We fucked her until all of us had drop a load. We fill her cunt with hot steamy cum.

  1 hour 45 minutes long       $12.00 + shipping



Drilling Out A Black Ass Freak

In this video I drilled out Jon ass with my Drildo (dildo on a power drill), then De Angelo and I fucked the shit out of his ass. He lost control of his asshole. 

1 hour 47 minutes long      $20.00 + shipping




Gloria Came over and thought she could fucked the world, but she had to fuck Chris(8"x6"),David(9"x6")and My (8"x7") dick ,before she could get started. We fucked her so bad all she could do was piss and lay on my bed and take a serious fucking, and you know that bitch still would not give up. She took three load of cum in her pussy. 

2 hours 18 minutes long     $20.00 + shipping


Barebacking A Chinese Dick Sucker 4

Fucked by The Cable Man    

The cable was peeking through the window saw me fuck Zang in the ass, I invited him in, and  we both took turns fucking the shit out of Zang.

In Need Of Some Raw Thug Dick

1 hour 35 minutes long      $20.00 + shipping


ChaniQua Suck Raymond's Dick, Raymond Fucks ChaniQua's Pregnant Pussy

1 hour 10 minutes long    $20.00 + shipping


Barebacking A Chinese Dick Sucker 3

De Angelo Fucking Zang's  Tight Asshole

Sucking & Fucking in New Orleans   

Took to Zang to New Orleans.  I whored his little Asian ass out to ever big dick black man I could.   Here is a video of one of the guys that said we could film.  

1 hour 41 minutes long      $20.00 + shipping


Southern Belle Bitch Return

 A real Southern Belle meets David and Jermaine. We meet this Southern Belle through an ad. She and her husband really wanted to see her take a real fucking from a white man and a black man. We hooked it up and had them come over.  

   2 hour 39 minutes long    $20.00 + shipping


Hurry Up & Cum

Raymond fucked Zang down.  I had to tell Raymond to hurry up and cum, because his girlfriend kept calling.    

1 hour 52 minutes long   $20.00 + shipping


Trailer Park Chick

This freaky ass bitch name Silvia call me one day after 11 of us had just finish fucking and cuming in this guys wife.

2 hour 39 minutes long   $20.00 + shipping



White Chick From Mississippi

Jon and Jermaine fucked this big thick  pussyhole from Mississippi.  They both took turns nutting fucking this chick's hot deep pussy.  Her pussy was wet and sloppy filled with their nutt.   

1 hour 40 minutes long      $20.00 + shipping


Good Pussy Gloria Returns

Gloria came back for her third visit and requested a group of black men. Gloria really has something for black cock. She arrived at Steven's apartment ready for the task and shortly after her arrival Ron showed up. he came in and she really liked what she saw and immediately made her way to the bedroom. Ron followed behind her and as soon as she hit the bed Ron had his dick in her mouth and four fingers in her pussy.  She really loves the attention. Steven directed Ron to go ahead start fucking her and Ron reached for condom and she declined the thought so he stuck his raw dick in begging cunt. She has such a greedy pussy. It can take dick for days. While Ron was conducting his assault in between her thighs Chris showed up with dick in hand ready for a blowjob. Steven instructed Chris to stick his dick in her mouth so her tongue could get some exercise. She really loves to suck limp cock so she can feel in grow in her mouth. Chris decided it was his turn to get some pussy so they switched position. Chris fucked her while she sucked Ron's dick. They continued to switch back and forth until Ron lost his load and nutted in her cunt. He had to go shortly after that and Chris started to fuck her to death like it was the last piece of pussy he was ever going to get. She tried to take Steven but he was just to big and she was getting sore. After the affair Chris went outside with and tried to take her for himself with a telephone number switch that is outside our group rules and he will miss out on a lot of gatherings for this deed. 

1 hours 42 minutes long   $20.00 + shipping


Drildo 2 & 3

Jon gets drilled, fucked and stuffed, by drildo, dick and dildo.  That slut really love something up his ass.

1 hours 44 minutes long  $20.00 + shipping


Southern Belle Bitch

This chick answered one of our ad and said she would like to be our cum toilet. We asked her when can would she like to come over, she said she was free Saturday. She came over just like she said.  I had De Angelo and Jermaine to cum over. When she got arrived she was ready to get down to business De Angelo ate her pussy while Jermaine face fucked her. I then got undress and started to fuck her big loose pussy.

The pussy was so good I had to cum in it, even thought she asked me not to. Jermaine then got his turn and my cum ran out of her pussy all over his dick. By the time Jermaine came I was ready to fuck her again, this time I jack off all over her back.   

1 hours 50 minutes long      $20.00 + shipping


Heavy Ass Cream III

Sgt James Fuck Fabulous Williams

I was station with Sgt. James when I was in the Army, all I can say is that he fuck damn near anyone, ass full of nuttt a pussy fuck of cum.  Here he is  Fabulous, a cumdump with very few limits.  

Sgt. James Fucking A Black Whore

 Sgt James barebacks a nasty black  slut.

2  hours 40 minutes long     $20.00 + shipping


A White Chick & A Freaky Ass Thug

I met this guy on the swinger hotline and invited him over to fuck Good Pussy Gloria.    

1 hours 24 minutes long      $20.00 + shipping


Drildo V ( A Filthy Bareback Bitch  Named Napoleon)

Napoleon is a friend of mine, from Chicago.  He had recently moved to town after he was release from the county jail for sell throat and ass.

 Raymond came by looking for some ass.  I told him about my new neighbor Napoleon, he said where that nigga at.  I said hold on, Ill go get him.  Napoleon lived next door, I walked in caught him fucking himself with a mayonnaise jar.  I said bitch what are you doing, he said my pussy is on fire, and I need some dick.  I said you are in luck, come next door, my fiend want to fuck you.  Then I ask him if I could film and drill his ass out also,  He said sure just don't show my face.

1 hours 26 minutes long      $20.00 + shipping


ChaniQua II

ChaniQua Suck Jermaine's Dick, Jermaine Fucks ChaniQua's Pregnant Pussy


ChaniQua Suck Frank's Dick, Frank Fucks ChaniQua's Pregnant Pussy

1 hours 30 minutes long      $20.00 + shipping



My friend James a hung black guy ,and David (9x6). James fucked the shit out of this white bottom,and David faced fucked him to no end.

1 hour 50 minutes long  $20.00 + shipping



This movie is about the time this guy got my telephone number off the adult book store bathroom wall. He call and wanted to know if I would like to fuck his wife, I told him yes and I had a couple friends that would like to help out. We fucked that bitch till she pissed, squirt or whatever that shit is they do when they are cuming like hell.

 My friends wanted to wear rubbers and we did. Needless to say that bitch hated them. When she cam back in the movies Fist Fucking Betty we didn't, but any this movie has some very hot ass fucking. Ass fucking at it's best.

1 hours 48 minutes long      $12.00 + shipping


Fisting Fucking Betty

Me and two of my friends fuck this white chick named Betty,  We fucked here pussy, throat and ass, we fucked her down so bad that bitch shitted on my dick.  Then I fisted fucked her pussy hard and deep.  While I was fisting her pussy this bitch looked like she was loosing her mind.

1 hours 41 minutes long   $12.00 + shipping





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